John Describes Death and Crossing Over

[John, what did it feel like to die?]

John: It felt as good as letting a good one rip.

[Are you serious?]

Yes. Dead serious…[this made me laugh]

Honestly death feels like nothing at all. Especially since I was asleep when it happened. I have no memory of it. I just remember the scene. Car was fucked. My family was in fits of hysterics and grief. It was horrible. I didn’t hang around too long to see the aftermath.

[Where did you go?]

I went everywhere. Everywhere! Every inch of the world. And then, every inch of the universe.

[So, after you died, how long did it take to reach the other side?]

Not long. In fact, since there is, in reality, no time, I would say instantaneously, but for your sake, I will say, sometime after I visited everywhere in the cosmos, then I was pulled into the white light.

 [Who or what did you see on the other side?]

Remember that painting. You know, the one with the clock that is melting off the table and all the other groovy crap. I saw shit like that. It was like having the best trip ever. And trip, I mean, best Acid of all time. But nothing you see is considered weird. You are not all like, “whoaaaa man.” But you are seeing colors you’ve never seen before, hearing sounds you’d never think you’d ever hear, feeling so good, so light, so airy, so free. And then you see them. All your friends, family, anyone you’ve ever loved. And I digress, I met up with some souls we know. Souls who you and I know. Yes, they are guiding you and they were guiding me too.

[John, why do you think it was in your soul contract to die at an early age?]

Because I had something to teach. I am teaching about loss, but also teaching that you don’t have to say goodbye. The spiritual world surrounds and courses through and nurtures and supports everything we know. Everything we feel or think comes from the spirit realm. I want people to be aware of the fact.

 You know, I did a lot of searching when I was on earth, but I was never satisfied with anything. The more I saw, the less I knew. I ended up coming up empty handed a lot. It was frustrating. People are so fake. So fake. It was hard to find anyone to talk to about this heavy shit. No one wants heavy shit. It is easier to be ignorant than to be aware, I know that. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I had to die to spread some energy or some sort of awareness to others, about what it means to be alive and then to be dead. It is not really something that can be controlled, measured, calculated, divined, or otherwise quantified – when, where, how, you can’t know all that. But, there is a reason for deaths, yes. I could do more in the spirit realm then I ever could in the physical realm. This is assured. And I am learning so much day by day. All those electrical shocks…those were me! I am learning to manipulate electricity, so all that static was a byproduct of my experimentation. You would not believe how much the afterlife is just like the Harry Potter world.

[Dude. Are you doing magic?]

Yes, of course. I can do anything. Anything. Anything is possible. Anything. I am much happier now. Happier than I have ever been. Happier than I ever was alive.

[Why did you death affect me so?]

Because you and I, our hearts are the same.

[What do you mean?]

We come from the same place. From a place of generosity, humility and love. I lived my life by it. Not many people knew that, but I lived my life by the creed of love. But I didn’t find much love. Because I think I must have looked too hard. Now I have more love than anyone could ever know what to do with. I am happy and I am very much alive! I wish we could have hung out more, before, but I must admit, nothing compares to now. I can be your friend and help you out.

[In what ways can you help?]

Working on arranging some things, moving things, perhaps even manifesting, using what I know about quantum mechanics. So far everything I have done have been on massively tiny scales. I know, what a strange phrase.

[If you could say anything to your family or to your mom what would you say?]

Don’t be sad for me. I am much happier, lighter and freer now than ever before. I would never encourage them to forget me, of course, but they don’t have to dwell in the grief of it all. I am always with them and always will be. I am a part of them just as they are a part of me, and we are never separated. Ever.



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