You Always Have a Choice

[People deserve to know that they came from love. That love is their eternal home. How can I best do this?]

John: By being a shining example for others to follow. You will never truly know how much impact you have on somebody else until you die and then you get to reexamine every soul you touched, whether in a positive or a negative fashion. So treat everybody the same. Give everybody the same level of kindness, and don’t let anyone else get you down. You are doing more good than you will ever know. When you just give somebody a smile, or ask them how they are, or listening to their troubles, or just offering your solidarity when they are going through some shit, you are doing so much good for that person. And you are doing good for yourself. People don’t need other people telling them what they should and shouldn’t do. That is outdated, but it is the basis of all religions and all institutions and all dogmas and all law systems. What people need to hear is that they have the choice. They always have a choice. And if they make decisions based on their own spiritual needs and wants, they will go far, because their actions will be in alignment with their destiny, their soul contract. They are capable of accessing tremendous heights in their life work. This happens to people who are not very spiritual too. Because like I said, everything is the spirit world. Everything is spirit.

[So it’s like tapping in, to source energy? And sending that source energy out to others? Is that what I am doing essentially?]

John: Yes, you are. You do it every day. Don’t give up. Some energy is gonna feel yucky. But you don’t have to carry it. You acknowledge it, and acknowledge that that person is not really like that, not on a soul level at least, they are just acting and reacting the only way they know how. You forgive them, and you transcend the bullshit, then you connect, in a way that is meaningful to them. It’s not up to you to decide how they receive your light. Some people are so blind they won’t even see it, but it may still affect them energetically. That is why some people are simply putty in your hands. They don’t really have anybody else in their life that treats them with respect and with love, so when it happens, and especially if it is a stranger, and that stranger had no reason to be nice other than they just are, that can do amazing things for a person, even if they never think about you again. What you do is take energy that could go negative and you transmute it into something positive, so that it at least does not yank you down, but also uplifts someone else.





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