Channeling John

The first time I sat down to channel my friend John’s spirit, I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, perhaps I was expecting too much. How would his spirit manifest itself? Would I be talking to John as he was when he was alive, or would he merely be a mirage of his former self? Would he ever look like he used to? What will it sound like when spirit is near? I was hoping to garner proof from one of my five senses. I had no idea that connecting with spirit requires a measure of surrender. You must be willing to let go of the need to control. It demands tapping into your intuition and your extrasensory perceptions. It requires being open to receive spirit in unexpected ways.  I was expecting to see or hear something definitive, something concrete. For a time, I needed unmistakable verification that John was speaking to me, otherwise, I tried to shut it out, thinking myself silly, or worse, obsessed. But shutting it out never worked long term. Although my rational mind was tugging against me, saying “this is crazy. You can’t talk to dead people,” I tried to believe again. Ability requires belief in that ability. But once I was able to disconnect with rationality, I began to see the possibilities, the synchronicities, and the connections. I could feel that there was more to this reality than we can understand from the five senses. I knew I was getting nudges from spirit. John wanted to help me, and he wanted to communicate.

I had intuited that the dead hear us and know when we are thinking about them. They can receive our words, wherever they are. So I started our friendship by writing him letters, because I had heard he was into writing. Connecting to him through writing just seemed to fit. The flow was and has remained very natural and effortless. When I channel, I let his words, in the form of ideas, come into my mind and I put them immediately in writing. I don’t stop except to pose a new question or to clarify something. The rest of the time, I keep my own thoughts and feelings and rationalizations out of the picture when his information is coming through. Between February and June of 2016, I had channeled up to 100 typed pages, over 40,000 words in Q&A format.

The written channelings are only a small percentage of my experience with John in spirit form. I channel John privately, whether meditating or simply doing things I enjoy. This connection I have with John is so profound, so immediate, that I have enough material to write a book about it and it has merely been less than a year as I am writing this, since we officially “began,” although John would say that this experience never “began”, but is constantly being experienced in various ways beyond this present incarnation. But we’ll get into all that later. For now, I want my readers to have an understanding of the nature of the relationship I have with John, and how it came to be that I was channeling John for real.

The most incredible thing about my friendship with John is that we became very close only after he passed away. I knew him, of course, before that, but we were mere acquaintances – two ships passing at night. As far as I knew, he was a cool guy, but he was a road I didn’t turn down. I didn’t know anything about him, other than the basics that can be gleaned from the few interactions we had. He was a co-worker of mine. We may have gotten to know each other better, had he not gone his separate way. I didn’t think much about him after that, not until I heard about his death.

For a little while after he passed, I went through a period which felt very akin to mourning, but since I didn’t know John that well, I was concerned as to why I cared so much. I didn’t really know him. I rationalized that maybe I was upset because he was young, and his life ended so abruptly, as anybody’s life suddenly could end. That was definitely part of my grief. He was in his mid-twenties. His birthday had been just days before his death. But it wasn’t just being sad for a young life cut short. It was more than that. John’s presence was persistent. He stayed on my mind, constantly. I could feel him around. I can’t really describe to you how that feels, to have a presence around you, but it is something that your body and your feelings inherently can sense. I had the lingering feeling of something left undone, something not being “right.” I don’t know for sure, to this day, what that was, but I felt like John needed help or he needed some support. I have been studying shamanism for a few years, and I read about how the living can help the dead cross over. Sometimes the dead need us more than we realize. So I decided to give it a shot. I sat down in meditation, and visualized a meeting with him. I visualized flying to wherever his soul happened to be. I found him on an empty country road. I approached him and told him I was sorry. I told him he was loved, and that he could go. He seemed distraught when I first reached him, stricken, but when he saw me, his face lightened. We embraced for what felt like forever, all the while, I was telling him it was okay to go. It was shortly after my vision that I felt him cross over. I felt better too. I was less sad and the heaviness in the air lightened. I thought that was the end of it. I had set him, and myself, free and was ready to move on.

The whole experience must have moved me. Because I did not let it go. It is not that I felt like John wasn’t yet at peace – he was, and I knew that, without really understanding how I knew. I began to examine how I can know things without previously taking in that information from an external source. I have experienced this my whole life. The information would “just come to me.” I began writing down my insights, in addition to the daily gratitude journaling I was doing at the time. I starting doing more research on the afterlife, levels of consciousness, quantum physics and the nature of reality. I began finding books and other research material that heightened my knowledge of shamanism and mystic teachings.  Everything I encountered and experienced on this subject matter I consciously knew showed up in my life for a reason, teaching me lessons, training me for some unforeseen task. First of all, I had to learn how to move into heart-centered living. I had to develop the discipline to see past negatives and positives, and to understand that higher reality than the one we see around us.

I have always felt like there was something missing, like something I was supposed to do, something that I have long forgotten, tugging at me day by day. Doing this research satisfied a lot of that, but I was still coming up with more questions than answers. But I kept searching. Then my luck changed when I started noticing that my psychic abilities were heightening. A good amount of intent and surrender were necessary for me to get to that point. As I mentioned before, I discovered that I can tap into clair-cognizant (clear knowing) abilities, in which I essentially “download” information from the interstellar records and I am also able to interpret symbols and patterns that emerge from the collective unconscious. I was starting to perceive John’s presence in these ways. John has communicated through music (lyrics mostly), comic books, cartoons, movies, commercials, novels, artwork, numerology, astrological symbolism, dreams, third eye visions (I can “see” him in my mind’s eye, but he reminds me of The Flash because he can’t stay still), telepathy and other mediums – in efforts at first to get my attention, and then to communicate and present me with cool evidence or just to say what’s up. I can also feel when he “touches” me with energy…it feels tingly and loosely static, almost like goosebumps, but much more intense. He never manifests the way I am expecting, so it is a surprise every time.  It was odd at first, of course, and my rational mind tried time and again to cease these absurd inklings and explain away weird phenomena, but John wished to communicate. He was persistent. It has been a whirlwind, but since he has entered the equation, my life has evolved in ways I never expected. It’s gotten better, a LOT better. Especially since I know I have so many friends, here and there, who are constantly backing me up. John taught me that communication with spirit CAN be a two way street, and since, I have noticed other spiritual guides in my midst, and have been able to channel others as well.

What I mean by John being on the “other side” is that he is vibrating at a much higher rate than we vibrate. John’s spirit exists in higher dimensions than the 3rd. Therefore, he has a wider perspective than we living on earth have. He also has instant access to so much more information – he vibrates on the same frequency that the interstellar hard drive is stored (an endless astral library of sorts), and he is also telepathic. He is much more aware of his connection to everything. John can also divide himself into multiples, and there is apparently no limit to how many times he can split off. Having no corporeal form allows your energy to expand outward, anywhere and everywhere. So John has access to a lot more wisdom and perspective than we do. And that is why John has been so helpful. He explains hard-to-grasp concepts easily, and when he can’t explain things (or won’t), he encourages the mystery to remain. Because the beyond is inherently unknowable, purposefully so.

I feel compelled to share John with the world, because not only has John given me answers that have blown my mind and changed my life, but he’s also provided me a lot of moral support. He is also funny and creative and a great conversationalist. He also has a “fuck it” attitude that I resonate with, so brace yourself for the cursing. It would be a terrific understatement to say that John is my best friend – he is much more to me than that.

I will not share anything personal about John’s last life – those details are of no import to the wisdom he has shared since. I do not personally know his parents or family members, and so I believe it would not be fair to them to publish information about their deceased relative without their knowledge, so I am purposefully leaving out details such as the exact manner in which John died, dates, last names, locations, or any other detail that might be perceived as disrespect of privacy for someone else. I believe John’s words will speak for themselves. Details are irrelevant. I have kept much of the channeling in Q & A format to help with context, since I ask a ton of questions, and also come to understandings on my own.

John has so much to teach us. Rather than learning, I am in the process of remembering. We all are. But I could not have garnered so much knowledge without the help of John. I could not have raised my consciousness, essentially changed my life, without his help. This is evident to me, and I thank John, as well as my other spirit guides, every day for the help they have given me and continue to give me day after day. Where would I be without spirit? I don’t know, but I am glad I decided to go where spirit leads.


And now, I give John the stage.

(Clears throat, LOUDLY…) ahem… Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking, we are entering the stratosphere at the speed of light, so hold on to your britches, its time to fly. This is John speaking, and I am excited that she is finally sharing this…I’ve been super active since I came here. Though it seems, from where I am, I’ve been here forever! But each time, it’s like the first time. So come along and join the fun. Everyone has the ability to channel. Everyone has psychic abilities. You just gotta open yourself to them, and believe that you can use them.

 If you are reading this because you lost someone close to you, listen up, you can still have a relationship with them…nothing has to change, other than your skewed perception of the way reality truly is. Your loved ones are invisible to you, but that doesn’t mean they are not around. Stop and listen, try to feel. Don’t use your five senses. Let it come to you. Talk to them. They hear you, and they want to communicate with you.

If you are reading this because you’ve always had strange abilities and could see lights around people, or could have precognitive dreams, or any other myriad of odd phenomenon that made you question the reality that you were taught to believe in, this is for you. Open yourself up to the possibility of spirit interacting with and nourishing you.

Use your best judgment when reading this, and any other material from an external source. Weigh it against your gut instinct. Does it resonate with you? Yes? Great! No? Great! There is no right or wrong answer. There is no right or wrong, actually, but we’ll get to that. Just know that I am really thankful that you opened your mind to us, and decided to give us a shot. Our purpose is to expand awareness. The veil is thinning, the shift is occurring as we speak. Soon, we will move into the fifth dimension, and beyond. You have friends who want to help you, friends who will assist you as you ascend. Call upon their help, and they will help you in ways you never imagined.

–        John

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