It’s All Imagination, Baby

John and I discuss how guides and spirits are able to send thoughts and ideas telepathically, and also talk a little about the role imagination plays in connecting with Spirit.   [How does a guide achieve the process of putting an idea in a person’s head?] John: Just like that. [Very clever… But seriously!] Oh well, seriously…I move energy, into your crown chakra. I create the energy. The … Continue reading It’s All Imagination, Baby

Automatic Writing

The following is an excerpt of a few separate conversations I had with John regarding automatic writing. Automatic writing is an effective method for spirit communication. I posed my questions about it to him, back when the method was quite new to me, and I was struggling with some doubt about how it worked or that it even was working at all. As always, John … Continue reading Automatic Writing

You Always Have a Choice

[People deserve to know that they came from love. That love is their eternal home. How can I best do this?] John: By being a shining example for others to follow. You will never truly know how much impact you have on somebody else until you die and then you get to reexamine every soul you touched, whether in a positive or a negative fashion. … Continue reading You Always Have a Choice

Welcome to the Life Review!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Theresa, aka Triple Spiral. I consider myself a psychic intuitive, and I spend a good amount of time channeling my spirit guides, and in particular, my friend John, who has helped me open up and receive correspondence from spirit. This blog was created in hopes that I could share the channelings and the wisdom I have gained since communicating … Continue reading Welcome to the Life Review!