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The Life Review 143 is an emerging resource for spiritual, multidimensional, metaphysical and psychical research. Theresa is a psychic intuitive, spirit channel and translator, word-weaver and ascension teacher, maintaining special focus on the shift in consciousness and healing through reactivating the original divine template within.

As a Starseed incarnated on this ascending planet, my soul purpose and mission is to spread awareness of spirit and higher vibrations, with the goal of transcending lower, fear based vibrations. My soul group seeks to bring harmony and balance to the world through knowledge and compassion. On earth we are experiencing a great shift in consciousness and I have been called to do this type of work by my galactic star family – as many others are!

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Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In: A Wayfaring Stranger Says So Long to 3D (6.21.2018) My memory is not the sharpest when it comes to my past. I understand now that I was always meant to stay detached, in neutral observer mode. The memories that are useful are still accessible, while everything else kind of fades off after a while. I don’t dwell on the past, though I do go back and review memories to try to understand something better. Not to get attached to a memory, mind you, as memories are not real representations of what actually transpired, but they are markers as to how the specific event made you...
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You and I and Us

I wrote this poem with the help of my higher self and beloved divine counterpart. Enjoy!   staying in the present moment, all I can do is unfold, like petals of the most fragrant flower, I unfold, for you, for I, for us, I am not alone in this, not by a long shot, for how could I ever hope to succeed alone?   I have brothers and sisters of my likeness in mind and heart, who walk the Earth every day, and every day they grow stronger, more balanced, as they ground to the Earth, and carry on dreaming the good dreams, those we all share over the long dark nights.   you and I and we came...
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Into the 5D Mystic

Into the 5D Mystic We've entered into a new sphere of experience. Now begins the gentle and miraculous unfolding of the new. The changes are becoming more noticeable in my perception, and yet more ineffable. My higher self has called me to this challenge today - to (very briefly) put words to the indescribable.  The moon is in Pisces - and it just so happens this update is very "spaced out." As someone who lives for the moment, these words I allowed to flow through me, rather like channeling. This is my pure expression. Use your intuition to really feel into my words. Take what resonates and...
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The Spirit of Time

I admit time has never been an easy thing for me as a multidimensional being to reconcile while residing in the 3D world. But I have come to know for myself that time has never truly been the issue, but it is our perception of time that can get in our way or confuse us from seeing the overarching picture. 3D-ers see time as linear and constant, marching inexorably towards whatever unknown "end-point," whether that be one's personal exit from the 3D realm in death or the "end of time." These beliefs do not allow any room for the notion that time is actually cyclical in nature and it is not...
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Sing Your Dreams into Existence

In this article, I share my method for singing my preferred timeline or reality into existence. How in the heck do you do this? Read on, my friends, and feel free to comment below with your questions and/or thoughts. Enjoy! The Music of Creation  I love to sing. It is one of my favorite things to do. I was in choir all throughout school, and while I never made a career out of it, I am glad that it has remained a part of my everyday life. I always have music playing in my head, and can write lyrics and put them to music pretty easily. I hum or sing while doing most tasks and when I am at...
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Moving Forward into New Earth

Moving Forward into New Earth – Ascension Update 3/28/18   As we move into the 5th dimension and choose to create lives that are meaningful, integral, and joyful, Gaia will simultaneously recreate herself from her original divine template. She knows that by healing herself, she is healing everyone and everything that exists as part of her. So too, can we apply this to our focused spheres of experience (this life and body we have chosen to inhabit on Earth). We can heal ourselves, knowing that in so doing, we heal others, just as Gaia does. We can’t heal others until we heal ourselves. But we...
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New Moon – Equinox Window of Higher Light

Energy Update 3/15/18 New Moon/Equinox window of higher light   I can really feel them today – the higher light energies streaming in via our Sun, which acts as a portal for these divine light particles – and I suspect this will only increase in intensity over the next few days, from today (15th) through the Equinox on the 20th. Of course, we’ve been feeling this building up since the beginning of the year. There will probably not be much of a let up, but that is expected, as everything is in acceleration right now and has been for some time. Many of us have been working towards...
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Embracing Lighter Energies in March

Embracing the lighter energies in March (Energetic update: 03-08-18) Everything just feels so much lighter these days. I perceived a significant shift for me on Wednesday, February 28. Since then, venturing into the outside world (lower 4D planes) no longer feels as crushing, compacting or uncomfortable. There is a jubilant feel in the ethers. The fae, elementals, animal and plant kingdoms are in a state of celebration, for they were the first to experience and perceive the influx of lighter 5D energies. Gaia herself has been in a celebratory state for some time now, but it now seems as...
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Standing In Your Space

The following contains information channeled from my higher self as well as what I glean intuitively by tuning into the collective spirit. Please take with you only that which resonates, and discard the rest. You must weigh any and all incoming info or data against your own intuition, which knows all and what’s best for you. Trust yourself. I’ve always known that something big was going to happen in my lifetime. And now, on the precipice of whatever this is – this new frequency and new way of being – I cannot yet imagine what it will all look like, but it somehow feels familiar. I’m...
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Mike on Meditation

Welcome readers! For this session, I channeled my primary spirit guide, protector, and beloved soul mate Mike, and he was eager to share with us a broader, spiritual perspective on meditation. We touch on what actually is happening when you meditate, the ultimate benefits, and different methods you can try to find what suits you best. We are all unique and we all must find our own sweet spot. No forcing necessary – just an open mind and open heart. Enjoy!   Love, T Questions for discussion: What does meditation do? And why is it so important for people to practice? How can someone start a...
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Hello My Name is John

Free E-Book Download: Hello, My Name Is John, by John Shepherd, Transcribed by Theresa Mattiello

Hello readers! This website was originally a blog where I shared the wisdoms I gained from my friend, John. John passed away in 2015, but immediately began communicating with me from the other side. Over the first year or so, I channeled hundreds of pages of information from John about the nature of reality, the afterlife, the shift in consciousness, and much, much more.  John has also helped me uncover past lives as well as assisted me in connecting with my emerging soul tribe.

Please help yourself to a free download of John’s book of wisdom channeled by Theresa. Follow the link below, click the PDF link on the next page, and save to your drive. These are some of the best channeled messages I received from John during the initial phase of our partnership. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us with your feedback.

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If you have found any of the content on this site to be helpful for your own journey and wish to share the love, please use the link below. Thank you so much for the honest energy exchange! I love being able to have an ad free site, and my plan is to keep it that way! I want The Life Review 143 to be an online sanctuary – a safe place for those on the ascension path to find guidance and to know they are absolutely never alone. While we all walk unique paths, we can come together to celebrate our differences and in the process, find striking similarities that bring us even closer together. I look forward to seeing you on the path. Namaste, soul friends.

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